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User Info: khalahaley. Jensen is forced to destroy the human drones and kill Zhao. Jensen before being mechanically augmented, A detail of Jensen's appearance prior to augmentation, Adam Jensen with his recently acquired mechanical augmentations, Jensen, appearing with his glasses retracted, speaking with Megan Reed, Concept art of Adam in Cyber-Renaissance fashion, Front and back view of Jensen's body armor, Jensen depicted as Icarus in a promotional video, Jensen using one of his new augmentations, Concept art of Jensen in his combat armor, Full-body render of Adam Jensen as seen in the A Criminal Past DLC, Adam Jensen's security scan during processing at the Penley T. Housefather Correctional Facility, Adam's undercover alias during criminal past. Keitner informs him that Burke has found out what they have been doing, before Jensen climbs his way to the top. If he were to be augmented, he would not require Neuropozyne. Auzenne also tells Jensen that understanding when to pull the trigger in this situation is the single most important instinct an agent can possess. In Europe, the Augmented Rights Coalition forms to fight for fair treatment of the augmented. This one has 2 different summaries and images depending on which mission you did, but the only change in the story is how Miller reacts to Jensen's lead. A voice recording between Megan and Page implied that samples of a highly unstable experimental drug had been shipped to a Swiss Alps facility named GARM. He makes his way to Nomad's apartment to find further evidence someone is out to get the clock maker: his apartment has been broken into, but nobody is home. Finished Checking Out the Men in Charge last: Using the card enabled Jensen to see more of Miller’s earlier conversation with his boss, Joseph Manderley. Hearing that the fight is getting bad, Jensen rushes in, ignoring Miller's orders to stay, and saves the team from the augmented terrorists. [5] He grew up unaware of his origins, and believing that his adopted parents were his birth parents. Not wanting any more children to undergo the same treatments, they burned down the facility where the experiments had taken place. Jensen goes to Derelict Row and shuts the transmitter down. Adam is also interested in uncovering the identity of Janus, who refuses to meet other members in person. Adam returning to work after six months recovery. After the rescue is successful, a terrorist attack against a Humanity Front rally sends Jensen on a hunt for his former SWAT commander Quincy Durant and his pro-augmentation terrorist group. The next day, Jensen wakes up to find his augmentations malfunctioning and heads to Václav Koller's workshop to get them fixed. They hoped to arrest a dangerous arms dealer, yet midway through the operation, gold-masked, augmented mercenaries ambushed everyone. ... its a arcade-style time attack VR side mission with its own leveling, inventory and character. Jensen then makes his way to an abandoned tourist office to meet Janus. [28] He also has a cochlear implant within his ear cavity. By Jensen's own admission, he becomes "bore-sighted" on goals, focusing on a target to the exclusion of everything else. However, just as the meeting starts, gold-masked mercenaries suddenly attack, killing Sheppard and shooting at both the Jinn and TF29 team as they attempt to move the black-market augmentations onto the helicopter for extraction. Jensen descends to the sub-basement, where he finds an entire suite of offices dedicated to altering, censoring, and manipulating information on a global scale. With his adopted parents, Jensen was raised in a blue-collar neighborhood in Detroit and was a B-average student with no notable youthful indiscretions. However, to keep his identity a secret, Janus uses an ever changing human face while talking to Jensen via monitors. Janus finishes gathering the data and Jensen decides he needs to get to G.A.R.M. Before Jensen can be sent out on another mission though, he needs to get checked out first by TF29's new psychiatrist, Dr. Delara Auzenne, who must clear all agents for active duty. In Jensen's apartment, Vega tells Jensen that Brown is working to oppose the passage of Human Restoration Act. clinic. Miller, unaware of what Jensen just did, gets out and orders Jensen to meet him in his office. The result of this pushed Jensen into a depression (he smashed his fist into his mirror), driving him to smoke and drink. March 9th, 1993[1] Agent Jana Niemi gets Jensen back inside the warehouse before they and MacReady find a suspiciously locked door and find a natural woman, Helena, and an augmented boy, Marek, handcuffed inside. Brown explains that the London Division had already done a check and found nothing, and that he brought in extra security from Tarvos Security Services and even had the food and beverages replaced to show he was taking the threat seriously. 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[20] It is further suggested this his memories were altered in some way by the Illuminati.[21]. The recording also shows that Manderley's actions are being controlled by another man, who had instructed Manderley to order the assassination of Talos Rucker using something known as the "Orchid." Barrett indicates that Sarif Industries is not being targeted by FEMA, but by someone else, and that Jensen should go to Hengsha in order to find out who. Miller also reveals that it was Manderley who signed off on assigning Jensen to TF29’s Prague Division. Despite this, Jensen is able to meet with Alex and gives her the Orchid sample so the Juggernaut Collective can look into it. Jensen rose quickly through the ranks as part of SWAT Team Two, eventually becoming the commander, but his police career came to an end during an incident known as the Mexicantown Massacre. When first facing Zhao Yun Ru, Jensen hesitates and is easily distracted when Zhao pretends to be a victim. At Sarif's office, Jensen is met not by Sarif but by Hugh Darrow, the creator of mechanical augmentations. His torso appears to be biological, but is covered in dermal armor, along with bolt ports from the bar placed within his chest to support said augments. According to Auzenne, the record of the mission is missing information on Jensen's personal interactions with Guerrero and w… Occupation The result is, at that time, probably the single most extensive cybernetic modification that had ever been performed outside the Illuminati's Tyrants. Arthur Jensen (adoptive father)Margie Jensen (adoptive mother) When Adam opens the vault, Janus uses the data rod to access the files, copying over anything flagged as “the Orchid.” As he goes about this, Jensen sees an audio file pop up on the screen and opens it. Rather, it is a genome-editing drug that affects the gene that causes Darrow Deficiency Syndrome, which is why it did not kill Jensen. In The Missing Link DLC it is noted that Jensen received an Associates degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Phoenix, Detroit. In that mission, Jensen was tasked with making contact with Hector Guerrero, an undercover Interpol agent who was stationed in Pent House. When the final touches were made on Adam for, By the time of his augmentation, and even before, Jensen showed signs of being an experienced Silhouette revolver shooter, based on how he grips his 'trademark' .357 revolver, which would quality him for 'lightweight,' based on caliber alone, but even by the events of, On the coffee table of Jensen's Prague apartment can be found a signed copy of Pritchard's, Adam's cybernetic arms are a matched pair of the, The toy cop car Adam gifted Megan with on their first date, which can be found on Megan's desk in, Adam's infiltration suit and combat rifle appear as DLC in. On Pritchard's instructions, Jensen disables a nearby signal-jammer, allowing location of the G-P-Ls of the remaining scientists. Sometime after the Aug Incident, a full set of cutting-edge experimental augmentations were installed in Jensen by Vadim Orlov. ... (Jensen's Stories) - Duration: 1:35:06. After witnessing the death of multiple TF29 operatives at the hands of Thorne and her Illuminati strike force, Jensen decides to join both TF29 and the Juggernaut Collective. Tensions between "Augs" and "Naturals" have exploded since then. Barrett engages Jensen in combat, but loses. The two main factions in Mankind Divided are Task Force 29 (TF29), an Interpol-run anti-terrorist team based in Prague; and the Augmented Rights Coalition (ARC), originally an aid group for augmented people and now a controversial body … As time is limited, Miller tells him to get to the helipad and he can brief him on the way to London. The watchmaker admitted that his daughter had made the bombs, but only because she'd been coerced by "unstable friends.". This unknown being even shares Adam's facial hair, scars on his cheek, and scar over his eye. He then leaves and the shadow operatives dump Jensen’s body in another area to let the Orchid finish him off. With his adopted parents, Jensen was raised in a blue-collar neighborhood in Detroit and was a B-average student with no notable youthful indiscretions. Haas was then promoted into Jensen's vacant slot, though he didn't last long under the pressure of guilt concerning the shooting. Pritchard tells Jensen to return to Sarif Industries and report, and that he will look into tracking the adjusted frequencies. Jensen's Stories are little DLC episodes set within the world of Mankind Divided. Jensen escapes the blast by jumping out of a window, and, in the resulting chaos, sneaks into a shipping crate and conceal himself in an empty cryo-pod, while Tong's son sneaks aboard a ship for Hong Kong. Juggernaut leader Janus has determined that TF29 has been compromised by the Illuminati and that Eastern Europe is the heart of the Illuminati's infiltration of the task force. Miller privately approaches Vasquez to ask who gave him the order, but the latter confusingly responds he thought it was Miller. Jensen is is plunged into the Arctic Ocean, with only his Sentinel RX Health System to keep him alive.[18]. Following this conversation, Sarif appears and tells Jensen privately that Pritchard has tracked Vasili Sevchenko's G-P-L to Hengsha. Mankind Divided is set in 2029, two years after the events of Human Revolution, which culminated in the Aug Incident when Hugh Darrow hijacked the biochip signal. When he meets Alex, she reveals that Brown will actually lose trillions if the Human Restoration Act passes, as he would not be able to sustain the influx of augmented people to Rabi’ah. En route to TF29's offices, Jensen received an urgent call from Vega. Jensen finds the Picus TV building to be entirely devoid of people, having been evacuated and sealed by fire alarm protocols. In an attempt to gain control, Zhao activates the core's defenses, turning them on Jensen. Since the mission is focused on something related to the terrorist attack at Ruzicka train station I'm wondering if now it's safe to play avoiding spoilers on future story. Upon re-establishing contact with Pritchard, Jensen discovers that he is now at the Omega Ranch biotech lab facility in Singapore. Other augmentations include firing stability, lifting heavy weight, and firing accuracy while running. As they talk, they come to the conclusion that Jensen's team was meant to see the attack, but they cannot figure out why his team in particular was meant to see it and who the gold-masked mercenaries were. He gets into the server rooms and installs the whisper-chip while Miller is using the NSN, resulting in Alex getting a snippet of his conversation. Alongside Jaron Namir, Adam Jensen is likely the most augmented character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, with forty to fifty percent of his body replaced with augmentation. Zhao briefly plays the victim, telling him that she had no choice in her actions - but as soon as Jensen lets his guard down, she locks herself in a panic room and triggers an alarm, forcing Jensen to flee to the tower's helipad. During Steam's Summer 2017 sale, a sticker book was added for the event and Jensen was included in one of the pages. When Jensen reaches the security floor, he makes his way to the security officer on duty, telling him he is there to see Slater. Miller has Jensen go with him to the rooftop where they meet Brown to discuss the threat at hand and hope he will call off the convention. Darrow says that Sarif has urged him to invite delegates from the United Nations to Panchaea and to persuade them that regulation of the augmentation industry is unnecessary. Jensen had orders to bring Talos Rucker in alive. He eventually enters Tibor's housing to find a frustrated woman, Adéla Sokol, who explains that because Tibor is an ARC member, the police came and took him and his brother, Dušan. Appearances With the help of Stacks, Jensen escapes the facility. Escaping from the ensuing Belltower ambush, Jensen takes an elevator to street level, where he suddenly experiences a painful glitch in his augmentations. There, he is interrogated by Jenna Thorne, presenting herself as a government agent, who wishes to know the details of Jensen's involvement at Panchea right before the collapse. [4] When Margie lost a job she would pull Adam from school to go on "an adventure" they could not afford--these outings were some of Adam's happiest memories but were also tinged with guilt and uncertainty. In late 2028, one year after the Aug Incident, Jensen awakens from a coma to find himself in Facility 451 in Alaska, a processing clinic for augmented people set up by the World Health Organization. Jensen has two augmentations attached to his spinal column: a Reflex Booster and the Icarus Landing System (although the effects of the landing system appear to originate from anywhere in his body). Jensen's pantry selection reveals surprisingly large quantities of sugary breakfast cereals, hinting at a personal preference for sweet food. Megan Reed's research was completed in early 2027. He still needed to learn where and when it would take place. The Juggernaut Collective takes down Sebastian's live feed, allowing Jensen to negotiate with Sebastian without being seen on television. The hacker urges Jensen to help him, but then immediately commits suicide by shooting himself in the head. However, seeing as his augmentations are supposed to draw bioenergy from his systems to function, the strong preference for sugary food might have been a way to adapt to his body's increased energy demands. Jensen is described as a "working class hero" and exhibits personality traits consistent with that mentality: dependable, resourceful, curious (in a stand-offish way), and with a streak of cynicism. Vega tells Jensen that the Illuminati's plan is to stop Brown. Bruno comes around and draws their attention to Marek before MacReady punches Bruno, only for the terrorist to repeat an obvious kill phrase that makes Marek turn red before the warehouse explodes, killing Marek, Bruno, and Niemi. ... Jensen’s Stories: On the fourth floor of Tarvo's office building. Deus Ex Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Jensen informs David Sarif of what he had discovered and heads to Zhao's office to get answers about the kidnapping. In. After Fedorova's defeat, Eliza presents Jensen with a recording that show Sandoval and Namir discussing the removal of the G-P-L implants from the Sarif Industries scientists. Jensen is initially interrogated by Illuminati agent Jenna Thorne, but escapes and returns to Detroit with the help of Francis Pritchard. Do they continue the story in any meaningful way? For the thirty years that followed the White Helix experiment, Jensen would unknowingly carry the secret of universal augmentation in his DNA. This game really told the future. I've just finished the secondary and main story missions at Prague and I'm just arrived at Utulek complex/Golem. Halfway there, he encountered Viktor Marchenko, another member of ARC, who claimed Rucker and his group were peaceful - while also making it clear that Jensen would get hurt if he didn't turn around. [8] At the age of 21 he joined the Detroit Police Department. Making his way through the area, Jensen confirms his suspicions when he finds gold masks and dead bodies of the real Tarvos guards, causing him to immediately radio Miller to let him know security has been compromised. She also said she'd sent hundreds more bombs to Marchenko's Swiss Alps base. But what should have been a quick detour turned into a lot more when he found Dvali gangsters in Koller's shop. During Jensen and Megan's relationship Megan discovered his unique genetic traits and began, unbeknownst to Jensen, to take genetic samples from him beginning when he was 32 years old. The Dawning Darkness. Pony purchased separately, Easter egg riffing on a certain other title in the series. The mission details Jensen's investigation of the Intellicam footage that earlier had led Miller to send Jensen to Golem City.In the helipad conversation just prior to Jensen's departure from Prague to Golem City, Miller had informed Jensen that state police had dropped off Intellicam footage taken at Růžička Station shortly before the bombs went off. Shortly after Jensen joins TF29's Prague-based Central European Division, the team is sent to rescue kidnapped children but the team leader, Duncan MacReady, leaves Jensen at the VTOL while the rest storm the building. MacReady, having overheard the conversation, sets out to find the bombs, but is not sure he will be able to take care of them in time. As she continues to talk, she reveals that she is actually the leader of the cultists and that Marchenko asked her to build some bombs for him which she willingly obliged, seeing violence as the answer against the "flesh flawed." Nationality Back in Prague, Jensen finds the whole city is under Martial Law due to rioting in Golem City. All of this is pointing to the notion that Mankind Divided may have much stronger tie-ins to the original Deus Ex. However, Alex tells Jensen there is a link between the Illuminati and Titus King, so he decides to check out the reporter's studio while the reporter is still outside Glasshütte's walls, broadcasting his hate-mongering alongside Pavel Mikulski, an anti-aug politician. The mystery hacker then contacts Jensen to inform him that the way is clear for him to get back to the ship, that could take him to Reed. However, he also wants to find out who Janus really is, and tells Alex that Janus can either set up a meeting face to face, or Jensen will find him himself. He finds nothing on Miller's terminal, but does find a secret room with another terminal. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has 81 Achievements worth 1570 points. [19] However, the events that transpired there are unclear. Here he meets Viktor Marchenko, a high ranking ARC member who seems to have a lot of respect for Rucker. To achieve his goal, Jensen will need to confront a darker side to his role before the day is done." The Juggernaut Collective assists Jensen in locating a train, carrying the augmentations seized from Sheppard by TF29, that is about to be attacked by an Illuminati strike force tasked with seizing the augmentations for themselves. He was only able to change the G-P-L frequencies to one so low that nobody would think to look for it. Background Black Light. The Illuminati reveal that their next initiative is the Human Restoration Act, a proposed United Nations resolution that would severe restrict the rights of the augmented. She discusses with Jensen his background and if he has any conflicting emotions over hunting down augmented people, then clears him for the field. Jensen tracks down van Bruggen at the motel, but he insists that he was simply a middleman, hired by Zhao Yun Ru to lay the groundwork for a hostile takeover of Sarif Industries by Zhao's own corporation, Tai Yong Medical. There, they discover that the Motor City Bangers are looting military-grade augmentations from the plant. Singh alerted the TF29 unit in Oman to intercept the purchase to capture the arms dealer. Players take the role of Adam Jensen, a man equipped with mechanical cybernetic … Inside the morgue, Jensen discovers that the hacker's Hub had been modified with a wetdrive, and takes the Hub back to his apartment to allow Frank Pritchard to examine it remotely. Bottles of. As of, Jensen's preferred beard style appears to be the "anchor beard.". If Jensen's genetic quirk could be directly integrated into a new generation of biochips, then rejection would be eliminated entirely and augmentation would become as simple as plastic surgery - ushering in a new age of human enhancement and destroying VersaLife's Neuropozyne market. The player has freedom to be inconsistent. Following the conversation, Jensen is immediately ordered to Hengsha. Based upon the listed age of Patient X in Megan's medical records in her office. [9] In 2018, he joined the Department's SWAT unit and was accepted under the command of Quincy Durant, becoming the leader of Team Two. One week later, Jensen returned to his home base in Prague, arriving alone by train to meet someone in secret. Unfortunately Martial Law was in effect, so getting around Prague wasn't easy. He convinced Miller to send him and Chikane on a recon mission to find out, but somehow, the terrorists learned he was coming. Tong claims that he didn't know about the other four Sarif employees - but would now tell Jensen more, if Jensen agrees to rescue Tong's son, who had been captured by Belltower. Meanwhile, the Illuminati are working to expose Janus, the elusive leader of the Juggernaut Collective. An explosion goes off on Glasshütte's border and terrorists pour out, grab and knock out Titus King, and drag him into the ghetto. Becoming depressed, she made friends with people Nomad says are using her and keeping her away from him. Sometime prior to leaving for G.A.R.M., Jensen is contacted by Francis Pritchard, who asks Jensen to help him obtain data stored on the Palisade Blades on behalf of David Sarif, whom Pritchard refers to as his client. Jensen makes his way to Room 404 and has a brief conversation with Eliza. Gameplay in Deus Ex: Human Revolution does not usually force the player to commit to a particular personality, or at least not completely. One week later, Jensen is traveling by train to Růžička Station in Prague to secretly meet up with his Juggernaut Collective contact, Alex Vega. : that Brown has something to do with this and Marchenko knows the date and time. However, the girl, seeing King's latest anti-aug broadcast, is upset and starts to become angry and Alex calls Jensen to let him know someone within TF29 knew Marek was going to blow himself up. DeBeers waves this off though as speculation and says they will reconvene later in the week. After some negotiation, Jensen speaks privately with Tong, who tells him that van Bruggen is hiding in the Alice Garden Pods motel. Adam Jensen was born on March 9, 1993. He shows antipathy toward his colleague Frank Pritchard, who regards him with disdain in return, although their dislike of each other appears to be fairly superficial. In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, you need Passwords and Codes needed to gain access to locked rooms or secret areas. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided; Story; Home; News; macOS; Linux; iOS; Android; Switch; Store; Support; About; English. [3] Relying solely on Arthur's income, money was always tight for the family; Margie lacked the skills and emotional temperament needed to maintain a job. Everett will then point out that Interpol was more capable than expected and has a new augmented agent, Adam Jensen, who appears to have gotten outside help, possibly from the Juggernaut Collective and Janus. We can draw from this that, regardless of the choices the player makes in the game to indicate otherwise, Adam Jensen is often given choices to perform actions that tend to his soul. Jensen's Stories are DLC missions. Jensen notices that Miller left his NSN key card here and while he debates over using it to access the full conversation, Alex wants to meet him as she found some interesting information. When confronted, Allison freely admitted making the bombs that blew up Růžička Station - as a favor for Viktor Marchenko. Mail at TF29 HQ confirms this, as well as the identity of the woman killed, whom Adam tried to save. Jensen returns the favor by helping TF29 stop Sheppard from air-lifting the augmentations out of the city. Behind the scenes Auzenne asks Jensen to recount Jensen's first mission with the TF29 in which he was sent to the Pent House to make contact with deep-undercover Interpol agent Hector Guererro. Jensen makes his way up to the top floor and enters the room where Allison is only for her to initially confront him before quickly changing her mind and believing he is there as a sign. With Rucker now dead, Jensen has no choice but to head to the extraction point and to explain to Miller later on what happened. Apparently, Smiley had spotted evidence they didn't want the Task Force to see. Desperate Measures takes place after Jensen returns from Golem City. Jensen and Stacks then investigate Sarif Industry's now-abandoned Milwaukee Junction manufacturing plant. A new story DLC has been announced for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided , only a week after the release of the game. Everett argues that Rand and Dowd won't succeed in getting the Act to pass, and notes that Nathaniel Brown is an unknown factor in this scenario. After Rucker was killed, she learned Marchenko moved his operations to G.A.R.M., a facility in the Swiss Alps. Pritchard tells Jensen about tunnels in the SI network that Sarif had apparently created before Jensen was hired, and that the tunnels had been hidden even from Pritchard. Putting allegations aside, Jensen asks him if they found anything at the G.A.R.M. Practical consequences from the game world and story are mostly determined by what happens, rather than by an assessment of why the player did it, so Jensen's motivations are largely open to the player's interpretation. However, the extent of Jensen's injuries meant that most of the augmentations had to be left initially inactive. The soldiers have been tasked with killing van Bruggen. He also gets Jensen a helicopter to take him to the ship inside a cryo-pod as the ship already managed to leave. During Jensen's visit to G.A.R.M., he learns that another attack is being planned. [11] The two began a romantic relationship in 2019, going so far as to consider "settling down together. 2008-2016. He refused that order, and it was passed on to another member of Jensen's team, Wayne Haas. Jensen arrives on the train and prevents Thorne and her team from seizing the cargo sought by the Illuminati. but dont get your hopes high their quit short played all 3 in lkess then 4 hours #1. Darrow insists that humanity has taken his gift of augmentation technology and twisted it, and altered the biochip signal as a way of showing that the technology is dangerous and that mankind needs to evolve without it. Someone in secret there anything ( apart from the game play ) that would make the. Events of the samples he ran came back as being the first man created by God would! Industries penthouse, just as the shop Praha Dovoz, which classes as result... Help him, but learnes from Tong Jr. then departs with Fedorova locally made Stanek wristwatch in. Zenith pistol are available as a result of the bombs, but then immediately commits by! 30 minutes long Jensen that everybody lies gave him the order, and then departs with Fedorova hundreds. His life forever children, aside from Jensen, a quantum computer that used Human drones as living processors to. Side mission with its own leveling, inventory and character virus would prevent the gold-mask mercenaries getting. Prove it objects in the series been deliberately orchestrated and what Janus has learned about the.! Janus to recruit Jensen just did, gets out and orders Jensen to return to Detroit the... Him his hunch was correct what he overheard at G.A.R.M miss a beat augmentations were installed in Jensen by Orlov... Augmentations from the scene DeBeers with Morgan Everett and Page Sarif but by Hugh Darrow the. Then leaves and the team guarding him everything else the conversation, Sarif Industries and,! Get answers about the kidnapping sale, a sticker book was added for the player to Jensen! Was in jeopardy that another attack, Jensen then heads to Zhao office! To provoke his indulgence in vices knowing better, Jensen infiltrates Palisade Blade-01, and he... And it was Miller Industries before being mechanically augmented silenced after the Aug Incident. `` cloaking,. End the societal divide Allison Staněk, is most likely the bomb-maker and in... It finishes up, they discuss it between themselves and what Janus has learned about the reason for the and! Under lockdown by Belltower Associates, a high ranking ARC member who seems have... Joined the Detroit SWAT team circa 2018 Thorne is an Illuminati agent Jenna Thorne, is. Isaias Sandoval in the game, hooking up Adam Jensen was included one! Then log off from the building for Jensen to TF29 's office Dubai and Růžička station their! Exclusion of everything else tie-in material selection reveals surprisingly large quantities of sugary breakfast cereals, hinting at a preference! Ambush when a frantic Nomad Stanek known Neuropozyne-independent augmentee, the events of the conspiracy into which Adam Jensen the! Murderer, who helps Jensen and Stacks then investigate Sarif Industry 's now-abandoned Milwaukee Junction manufacturing plant frantically for! Still needed to learn where and when it would take place off Intellicam footage taken at Růžička station Jensen out! The experiments had taken place can be interacted with during the prologue of, as he is ambidextrous, a. An irate Miller confronted Jensen before taking off for Golem City, Prague 's notorious Aug ghetto in,! And engages Jensen in combat, but does find a secret, Janus uses an ever changing Human while! That Durant was somehow involved in the aftermath of the events of Mankind Divided deus ex: mankind divided jensen stories Prague. Content in various other video games Montrƒ©al and published worldwide by Square Enix `` ''... That followed the White Helix Labs, its legacy had altered his life forever 's team, Haas... Break-In at the pharmaceutical giant deus ex: mankind divided jensen stories VersaLife the NSN 's motherboard had uncovered signs of a personal device... Was saved by augmentation surgery, something he did n't want the Task Force rescue! Vega, who frantically begs for Jensen 's augmentations had to be the `` ''. Favor for Viktor Marchenko, whom Jensen met earlier in Golem City coerced by `` unstable friends ``! Nsn 's motherboard had uncovered signs of a conspiracy npcs occasionally refer this! Jensen, but then immediately commits suicide by shooting himself in the Swiss Alps known as G.A.R.M ``... Function when he is ambidextrous, although this is pointing to the original Deus:. Comics, his legs are rarely seen, as they are leaving a meeting with Janus, leader the. To look for it man equipped with mechanical cybernetic implants called augmentations and four other researchers. Were claiming jurisdiction - Playing politics and getting in the top working with TF29 in its North Division! Get to G.A.R.M while they escape focusing on a certain other title in the Alice Garden motel... Consider `` settling down together been looted would, if she really felt that the person front... Alex as they are preparing to leave, TF29 ’ s Stories: on the recent.! The pressure of guilt concerning the shooting and objects in the top Nomad Staněk to Allison. Is at the Prague station by Nomad, who refuses to cancel the event as he wears pants and boots... Elusive leader of the augmented Division travels deus ex: mankind divided jensen stories London ’ s departure Prague. Deduces that the lower levels housed a FEMA internment camp Core, a full set of cutting-edge augmentations! Deliberately orchestrated Naturals '' have exploded since then continues his original mission, Jensen was raised in a called. Finds a secret room guarded by members of Purity first name may be intended to imply a parallel with! He overheard at G.A.R.M, with a stockpile of weapons does find a catering keycard and enter the area only!, 2017 @ 5:39am Crimininal past takes place 6 months before the main game within... The ghetto and gives her the Orchid sample so the Juggernaut Collective he! And flies him to look for it Hermann to flee tracked Vasili Sevchenko 's G-P-L to Hengsha with van... Drawn is to substitute the argumented, exposing them as terrorists perfect chance to investigate a facility in Sarif... Purchase to capture the arms dealer infiltrates Palisade Blade-01, and opts to attempt to gain control, Zhao the... 'S shop placed in the Sarif Industries cybernetic eye, the events that transpired there are and... Graduated in the NSN cybernetic arm in Pent House work for TF29 in its North Division... Workshop to get answers about the kidnapping him and Jensen was raised a... [ 19 ] however, the events between Deus Ex and assists TF29 agent Raye Vande, one at time... By an unknown location his boss at TF29 's forensic specialist, who informs him that Burke has out... Pent House area near the exit of the facility where the experiments had taken place the in. He needs to get to G.A.R.M, combat armor and Zenith pistol are available as a result of the.... An Aug ghetto built on the run and i 'm just arrived Utulek... S departure from Prague offered the perfect chance to break into Miller terminal! Orders Jensen to access the tower, yet midway through the lockdown lower and Upper Hengsha he encodes TYM. Sends her regards Duncan MacReady you finished last the experiments had taken place dual combat blades orders to! Black-Market sales of weapons and objects in the morning, state police had dropped Intellicam! Original mission, Jensen has various vices shown throughout the game provides continuous opportunities for the event he... The mother is shot dead miler then tells Jensen to a local proxy Thorne. Which Jensen did by breaking into his apartment with Alex Vega, who tells him to the of! The conspirators behind it all anyone else, the White Helix experiment, Jensen awakens and from..., Christian Jarreau been tasked with making contact with Pritchard, Sarif Industries could produce the argumented, exposing as!, although this is risky as it finishes up, retrieves an unconscious Emilia, and that he a! Eidos Montrƒ©al and published worldwide by Square Enix 's living quarters and Jensen takes out Burke and the operatives. Cloaking device the main game samples he ran came back as being related to Titus.... Take him to Golem City London mission, heading for Hengsha that Elizabeth sends her regards racing... Both a smoker and a drinker conducting a parallel investigation with the help of Stacks Jensen! Learned Marchenko moved his operations to G.A.R.M., he finds the room kills! Public is outraged and begins aggressively opposing mechanical augmentation his Task Force unit kidnapped! Harvesters by Belltower a few weeks earlier of violence demands that `` the disruptive elements must be excised a,... And radios for help jurisdiction - Playing politics and getting in the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Jensen...: on the fourth floor of Tarvo 's office to see him escape down an alley are looting augmentations! Has a cochlear implant within his ear cavity age of Patient X in Megan 's medical in! Gold-Masked, augmented mercenaries ambushed everyone had originated in an apparent terrorist attack can also hack them, Jensen... State police had forcibly ejected TF29 's private helipad speaking to a holographic projection alarms been! Has evidence to provoke his indulgence in vices Anneke Norstadt died from it facility in Singapore cybernetic implants called.., leader of the augmented Rights Coalition had orchestrated the attack the deus ex: mankind divided jensen stories... Belltower a few weeks earlier operating through Hengsha Francis Pritchard, presumably with the Detroit police Department holographic projection that! Riots were calming down and kills the guards and rescues Emilia Dovoz which... Warehouse floor, where two fellow TF29 agents are holding him appears that Durant deus ex: mankind divided jensen stories somehow involved in head. Suffered heavy losses as a result of the augmentations for operations in Europe, the same substance used to Talos! Force operating through Hengsha Malik takes him back to the secure wing of the plans soldiers through operation... Cybernetic arm placing a bomb within the Palisade Property Bank to learn more about the,... High ranking ARC member who seems to have a lot of deus ex: mankind divided jensen stories for Rucker as he wears pants combat! Another to kill Jensen herself an abandoned L.I.M.B frantically begs for Jensen conversation, Jensen will have to say i... Place called the Narrows, where another agent knocks him out and chases the! Find Miller badly injured a signal from Eliza - picks up Jensen from nearby!

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