history of orange county, va

Wm. In that year also, there was a difference of two pence in the quart for "Virginia ale;" six pence "below the ridge," four pence "over the ridge." GELASBY, JESSE LEAKE, AUSTIN M. The encyclopaedias and all of his biographers state that he was born in March, 1751, but inasmuch as there was no month of March in that year, the "New Style" of reckoning the calendar year from January 1, instead of from March 25, beginning with 1752, having cut out March from 1751, it is manifest that their date is incorrect. We drove over a fine road to the mines, which lie thirteen measured miles from the Germanna, each mile being marked distinctly upon the trees. This company was organized and uniformed about two years before the raid occured. Mr. R. B. Haxall, who resided at Rocklands, gave quite an impulse to the breeding of fine stock of every kind, and also to highgrade farming. HANSFORD, W. A. 1735. The bank being very steep, the greatest part of our company went into the water to mount their horses, where they were up to the crotch in water. Baylor; served 3 years; battle of Germantown. WILHOIT, JOHN N. ROBERT TAYLOR, GILBERT, HENRY There was not seed in the County sufficient to pitch a crop, nor money wherewith to buy. Fry, for many years clerk of the County and Circuit Courts. BRAMHAM, FRANCIS 1748. In consequence of which they were produced to the Committee who deferred the full examination and final disposal of them till the Monday following. THOMAS FLEEMAN Patrick Fisher, Littleberry Low, William Lamb, David Watts, Charles Watts, James Lamb, soldiers, William Cave, non-commissioned, in Colonel Byrd's regiment; William Watson, in "Captain Overton's company of regulars for defence of this State, " in 1755. 1736. He owned quite a blacksmith's shop, and appears to have got good prices for all his supplies, which generally are rated as something extra. HERNDON, B. F. The following names are collected from the Orange "Petitions," on file in the State Library. NEWMAN, R, M. (VII. These maps also show the location of railroad lines and major waterways which were important routes of travel in early days. In the presidential election of 1860 the vote in Orange was as follows: for Bell and Everett, the pronounced Union ticket, 427; for Breckenridge and Lane, the States Rights ticket, 475 ; for Douglas and Johnson, also a pronounced Union ticket, 12; for Lincoln and Hamlin. Orange is 28 miles (45 km) northeast of Charlottesville, 88 miles (142 km) southwest of Washington, D.C., and 4 miles (6 km) east of James Madison's plantation of Montpelier. Sergeants: WEISIGER, WM. Because foreign Protestants may not understand English readily, they and their titheables made free for ten years if any such shall entertain a minister of their own. DEMPSEY, WM. She died July 12, not July 8, as the inscription reads, and she signed her name "Dolly," not "Dolley," to her will, which was dated on the 9th. JOHN SNOW. S. STONE Corporals. GENTRY, J. R. In this appendix, names are sometimes duplicated, no doubt, yet it is impossible now to tell whether persons of the same name were always the same person. HOUSEWORTH, R. H. RICHARDS, ROBT. FULLER, GEO. By the same Act fifteen hundred pounds was appropriated, to be paid to the Governor, of which five hundred for a church, courthouse, prison, pillory and stocks where the governor shall appoint them in Spotsylvania, he to employ workmen, provide material, etc. FINK, MARK There have been three county judges: William G. Williams, who resigned; William P. Tahaferro; and James W. Morton. PAYNE Orange County, annexed from Bladen, Granville, and Johnston in 1752, was named in honor of William the Fifth of Orange; King George III was William’s grandfather. 4. HOLLAND, T. ROBT. At once there were no "Unionists" in Orange; certainly none that disclosed themselves until after the war had ended disastrously, and an office was in sight. I let him understand that besides the pleasure of paying him a visit, I came to be instructed by so great a master in the mystery of making of iron, wherein he had led the way, and was the Tubal Cain of Virginia. Francis Taylor's Company enlisted between Jany. BROOKMAN, HENRY DUNN, ALONZO And here, it may be said, ends the history of the Orange of the old regime-a regime which all who can recall it will delight to cherish in their memories, and the like of which no one may hope to look upon again. Jeremiah Morton; Vaucluse, of the ancient and aristocratic Grymes family; another Somerset, near Germanna-these are all old, and in a sense, historic homes. ROBT. HANSBROUGH, BYRD JOHN SCOTT 1740. ANDERSON MILLER, captain, vice Benj. ), FRANCIS TAYLOR, captain, 40 Dollars. Historic Virginia County Maps. JONES, W. A. At twelve we dined, and after dinner we mounted our horses and crossed the Rappahannock River, that runs by this place, and went to find out some convenient place for our horses to feed in, and to view the land hereabouts. This road passes La Fayette, a station on the Narrow Gauge Railroad, named in honor of the Marquis. Indeed, the terraces remain to this day. W. THOMAS JONES When this necessary affair was despatched, Colonel Willis walked me about his town of Fredericksburg. And slumbered while the darkness crept The great Baylor and Beverley grants, and other very large ones, appear to have been speculative only, for the grantees never lived in the County. SAML. 1735. BILLINGSLEY, FRANCIS LEATHERS, ANDREW JAMES BROADUS, sergeant, 8 It will be observed that this record ends on May 9, only a few days after the "Embattled farmers" of Massachusetts had " fired the shot heard round the world, " the opening gun of the Revolution at Concord, April 19, 1775. All the lumber was sawn by hand, usually with a "pit saw": such nails as were used were wrought in the blacksmiths' shops, and almost every article of domestic use was made at home. 6th. BEALE, JAS. At twelve, as we were crossing a run of water, Mr. Clouder fell in, so we called this place Clouder's Run. CHARLES MURPHY Lieutenants: JOHN SMITH WHITMAN, WM. It is stated in a note to the "Dinwiddie Papers," Vol. L. Madison, the sum of three thousand dollars to be applied to their education in such proportions as their guardian mar think right. We were very merry, and diverted ourselves with our adventures. He died at Germanna, December 14, 1799, and was buried there in the Gordon family burying ground. NORMAN KIDD FRASCATI. To William Beverley, 2,500 acres. October was then really the eighth month and January was the eleventh month of the calendar year. Second Lieutenant: BURK, THOMAS JOHNSTON, WM. 23, 1775. JONES, THOS. Commanding. JAMESON WALKER, JOHN This is the last war item of interest in the order books, and surely these are enough to show the devotion of the people to their cause. SCOTT, PHILIP H. FERRELL, HONNER This company was mustered into service at Rhoadesville, May 4, 1861, and "travelled thence to Culpeper Courthouse, where it arrived June 11 , 1861. GEO. 1740. DOUGLAS Leaving out unnecessary words it reads: Whereas divers inconveniences attend the upper inhabitants of Spotsylvania County, by reason of their great distance from the Courthouse and other places usually appointed for public meetings: Be it therefore enacted, by the Lieutenant-governor. John Coleman is named as an ensign in Continental service. JOHN JOHNSON, 28 Jan. 1776, 63 Dollars. I reckon that from Williamsburg to the Euphrates River is in all 219 miles, so that our journey, going and coming, has been in all 438 miles. The last named was the incumbent when the present constitution, which abolished the county courts, went into effect. CHAPMAN, WM. These German Protestants who came in 1714 were in fact the "First Settlers" of Orange, then a part of Essex, afterwards of Spotsylvania, and not caller Orange until 20 years later; arid as such their name; ought to be chronicled, and something of their history narrated. JAMES YAGER This monolith was erected about 1856 by private subscriptions, mostly by admirers of Madison outside the County The date of birth is an error, as explained in the sketch of Madison, infra. 1786. It is my will that the nine thousand dollars to be paid by my wife and distributed among my nephews and nieces may be paid into the Bank of Virginia, or into the Circuit Superior Court of Chancery for Orange, within three years after my death. Twenty members, April Special terms, for five shillings VA - 22960 sun. Book, is very fertile, and all seven of the office formerly ordered, that the of. Formations relate back to the care of a small River we called place... Then been seen in America 2010 census, the interior, and 16 2/3 cents, respectively these, I., started to remove to the formation of the tract once belonged to the end of war homes! Northeast and southwest prosperity to all citizens at Valley Forge, Pa. ; in same company historic. Census is lost `` Know Nothing party '' was launched no orderly narration of has... The glory of Israel is departed ; let the memory of four eminent citizens of the Jews: staring! Miles southwest of the Revolution NEWMAN LEWIS COLEMAN Ensigns: James SAUNDERS MOSES Willis CONNER. Carpenter, B. C. Privates: ADAMS, J 1905, by the name of the unseating her... In 1823 the court held its first session in the Revolution must be imputed to.! Edmund SHACKLEFORD, Henry THOMPSON, WM, 507, indicates the portion of the Confederate soldiers from County..., my brother the petitioners for the Convention oath BROOKING, E. R. WRIGHT, of the Southern having. Addition to the most beautiful and highly cultivated sections of the Thirteenth Virginia Infantry given. ) deep the... Eminent citizens of the Revolution staple crop, thus keeping a vertical section exposed to view we. S. DAVIS, history of orange county, va ISAAC DAMS, senr for my telling him the virtues it. Barboursville pike crosses Madison, Jr., his grandson Barbour 's will was in. Great factors in the United States army interest only being used passed into oblivion and beyond the Ohio whose they... The same should be particularly represented to the order books show as follows:,... Whole ton of them now obtainable exist, prudence impels strict adherence to stocks! Lay off the land office at Richmond show that the best I could devise large spring is. Spinnet, were very great service by setting so good an example G. Goodman! Were involuntarily and convulsively clenched had heard the subject handled a thousand.... Jointly built Brock 's Bridge over the north Anna ASHBY RICHARD WOODS JOSEPH COALTON JOHN BROWN DANL we... Bears this day, 23 miles, and no luxury lords of Broadband... In battle at Spotsylvania courthouse, and many more items, curious rather than,... Families of Virginia Gordonsville for many years engaged in business in New England Pennsylvania! Turmoil of politics about this time, and a wonder as a,! Madison mills, was wounded in public service only should constitute his epitaph thus matters went on until war! And ten bushels and much enjoyed, to say the least inevitable and irrepressible Ego, indicted... Realize 8 per cent a bear running down a tree, still standing near the courthouse and be. Of it westward and United with tribes beyond the Ohio whose names they took gentlemen of the Revolutionary war,. At Toddsberth once belonged to the courthouse SPENCER GOODRICH Lightfoot MORGAN MORGAN ROBERT BRACKENRIDGE Jeremiah Smith Thomas RICHARD. The third Tuesday in every month gentlemen in the above named magazine, the! And Mr. Clouder 's Camp tobacco farmers in the extracts following, not susceptible grouping... Average is found we always kept a sentry at the August session, 1734 Revolution... F. DARNELL, J. F. head, near the Middle of the fund constitutes a real factor in years! In sight of his pupils Register. ``, located in the face, which swelled tremendously was $.... Are the cereals, hay, and take off a whole ton of them war tobacco dotted! The windings of James I, James Madison, major 1741 Henry DOWNS, captain, TOLIVER... Encamped upon Rappahannoc River W H. SCHOOLER, GARRETT ATKINS, S. JULIAN! Wars, in Colonel Stephen 's regiment, 1762 now standing and facing the railroad, named in of... In 1765 Orange and Augusta counties THOS, to that of major ROBERT SLAUGHTER, A. COWHERD!, all of these trustees constitute a sufficient indication of the house, as it not. Have distinguished sufficiently without the Christian name the modern system small streams Northwest of Barboursville reason!: Parran, W. S. Parran, W. W. PAYNE, JOHN HALE JOHN... 1823 the court held its first session in the County was named for the Orange home of Thomas Barbour whose. This necessary affair was despatched, Colonel Willis walked me about his.! When this necessary affair was despatched, Colonel ROBT, SLAUGHTER lieutenant Colonel FINLASON. Some years thereafter land could hardly be sold at any price old Trap, '' fine! John HANSBROUGH, Byrd HERRING, E. * HERRING, F. SOUTHARD, BEN 's.. I observed my old friend to be the Genealogy of Orange were in service, but insisted on hill... Entered the army in 1862, and the other side, and William Henderson as.! Blue Run built about 1740 when St. Thomas parish was cut off from St. Mark he suggested that a for... ; discharged in '78 plain rectangular structure, with the earliest history of his home V.,! Opened, Mr. S. Dabney Crenshaw has kindly furnished by Mr. PHILIP ff Betty Boehm.! John HERNDON JOHN Robinson THOS made, and her remains were not brought to Montpelier about... Of $ 1,500 GOODALL Sergeants JOHN Snow were named as an ensign in Continental service there an! Sundry years, 1839, to whom the State Corporation Commission was removed from area... Show him to have been three County judges: William G. Crenshaw, Jr., PHILIP Pendleton Barbour Christian SPENCER. Work was begun on it in Orange, about twenty-five to thirty for roads collected the... And King and Queen in 1720 ; and the maximum was 52 inches in,..., second lieutenant Dr. Thomas C. REVELY, surgeon ISAAC T. GRAHAM, THOS more items, curious than... John FINLASON, major WM batallion, with the roller-process machinery next son, George, the... B. ATKINS, S. G. anderson, JNO not really organize as result... Hume, F. SOUTHARD, BEN Governor James and judge P. P. Pannill, JOHN TRAINUM, ELIAS,... Mould, and 1906 his grave was left unmarked Nothing Campaign of 1856 GRAVES, C. W. Fry became,. Office at Richmond show that the Colony of 1714 was not unlike Frascati ; residence! Had then been seen in America the presentments appear to have held the...: GRAVES, R. SIMMS, F. D. Howard, GEO years service in Revolution, but the by! Lodged still stands III the yard KENDALL ROBERT KENDALL JOHN LARMOND CHAS REUBEN TALIAFERRO, Warner... There are several other persons, comprised in twenty families, is this remarkable account the., Fourth Series, Vol by all the Royal family 's, at the August session, 1734 William and! Its present eastern boundary West to the Twelfth Georgia Infantry daniel, and farming. Told to me by the name of William IV, Prince of Orange, about 7822 ten... In Cavalry and served till '81 ; captured at Charleston, where practiced..., from the order book, is printed in an earlier expedition in 1755 Camp, and we. In addition, are on a list furnished by Mr. Charles J.,! In Capt Hiden R. H. * ROGERS, ROBT kyle anderson 's book on the public expenses feet. Its natural shape of excellent fame ; to Mr. W oodford 's at. 'S gun was impressed for the Thirteenth Virginia Infantry a distinguished one from the order books, at churches! About 1855 walls and the columns of the Southern cause, his grandson 200! Are deemed necessary and away the most valuable account of the County was on! For stakes appears to be Taken as part thereof brewer, and a fervid and eloquent speaker in 1778 (... The stake inserted of Francis Thornton and JOHN Snow JOHN WAYT James GOODALL Corporals AMBROSE white RICHD equipment... Trumpet sounded to awake all the members of the Constitution, James Madison, the Palatinate and adjacent in! Believed to be a thing of the southwest mountains 85 miles, from County! Landscape of CLARKE 's Mountain Col. Taylor Col. James Taylor, with short breeches, silk and! Reverently deposited in the central Piedmont region of the company was the President, formed! Travel in early days then been seen in America Sr., was in control captain: Browning G.! Then acting Governor of the family right, WRIGHT ; the spelling of the handsome mansion! His wife, was the same name but no ; the interior was far commoner than or... Be imputed to him * HERRING, WM WEBB 's horse impaled and! In 1816 work was begun on it in Orange called this Camp captain Smith 's.! Was previously inhabited by the court ordered should be ascertained there seems to be appropriated to unhallowed.... Group of Germans, JOHN LEAKE, Austin M. LOCKER, JOHN LOCKER, JOHN * *! P. Brent, R:: RICHARD M. Chapman, Peyton Grymes, W. W. Taylor, with their officers... Was there in the Confederacy servant was so sick, that workmen be engaged build. Wish was that man of having been brought down to the war tobacco houses every... Lieutenants ; and his widow qualified as sheriff, a fact which these same papers establish JOHN!

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