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Blaster finally leaps onto the stage. A page for describing Characters: ERB Season 1. Americon yells, limbs flailing. Because every week I'm loggin another mission, and chalking up the wins in repetition and all I see is an omission of your patricion's permission. I simply let you think you win. The official CD was released on December 16th, 2011. RHYMES OF DOOM! And he's also getting the feeling that Rewind is going to have stage fright or something, so he's ready to help him get over it. Nice Peter & Epiclloyd) - Single, Abe Lincoln Vs Chuck Norris (feat. "CHALLENGE...ACCEPTED", Soundwave starts to follow the beat as he steps forwards to Blaster, a mic already in his hand. A sick new beat pours out of the stage's speakers: "/SCREW/ Omega Su/PREME/ - /NAH MEAN/? He ends with these few poignant words, "I'd turn the Flipsides over and do it all again, except I just don't give a." Blitzwing takes the microphone from Serve like the beast that he is. If I were you I woulda /WITHDREW/! "What?!" Liberation Arch - Tyger Pax The Liberation Arch spans the width of the highway here, its towering mass … "Your FACE doesn't rhyme!" Show that uncharasmatic creep who's the REAL SOUND MASTER!" It just keeps on a repeating loop ... ad nauseum. He steps forwards wordlessly, his gaze fixated on Blaster. !>> The small 'Bot jumps towards the edge of the stage, waving his hands and trying to raise up a cheer while he starts playing clips of crowds celebrating on the video screen (though Blitz getting stomped by Omega Surpreme is STILL playing in the background). BLASTER is in the building. That's how the Blast-man rolls!". Grey Teddy T-Shirt. But now it's time to watch the Boss do his thing. ERB Season 1 CD. And for a long moment, he just holds the microphone in his hand... before it slips from his fingers and falls in epic slow motion to the stage. First, the season overview will be at the end this time, and second, Ben Franklin VS Billy Mays has moved up to #7 on the Season 1 list. ", Rewind looks back at Spindrift and smiles under his faceplate. "YEAH! ERB Season 1 Lyrics by UnknownRedUser. YOU KNOW THAT I SOUND LAME! It first started as Lloyd's idea, which lead them to create the channel. Close. Instantly, there are images of Blitzwing shown onscreen- Blitzwing getting stomped by Omega Supreme- OVER and OVER AGAIN. Nice Peter vs EpicLLOYD. ∙ Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2, released in 2013, reached No. TAKE IT MY MECH!" I doubt it - I guess ignorance is /BLISS/! Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 20-09-2020 Spindrift snorts. I got whatever it takes to break /THROUGH/; you should step back in the /QUEUE/! My mech R. Windy 'bout to burn it up!" Epic Rap Battles of History character index Season 1 | Season 2 | Season 3 | Season 4 | Season 5 | Season 6 … ON THE AIRWAVES AND ON THE FIELD. Rewind is nearly smacked on the head with the microphone, but fortunately he was standing there looking up at the big 'Con and thus ducks in time, reaches up to grab the thing instead, then swing it around and starts rapping again, hand gesturing in front of him. I MEAN, SERIOUSLY, YOU COULDN'T TURN INTO AN M1A1 OR AN F-16 OR SOMETHING? Sky Lynx arrives from the Bridge to the east. Season 1 of Total Drama ERB consisted of 22 episodes. He scoops up the mic, "AIGHT AIGHT NOW THAT WAS SOME COLD ISH! That footage is /UNTRUE/! Nice Peter & Epiclloyd) - Single, Sarah Palin Vs Lady Gaga (feat. This article, Season 1 of ERB's, is property of Billy cougar. As his chest closes, Blaster reaches up to snatch the, microphone out of the air. ERB Season 1 CD. SCRIBBLE JAM STARTS NOW! The pilot for the popular TV series is set during 24 frantic hours in the lives of a group of doctors, nurses, and staff members of a busy emergency room at a Chicago hospital. Can you match the quotes from ERB Season 1 with the rapper who said them? Epic Rap Battles of History - Season 2 We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. ERB is notable for being twice nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Shortform Variety Series" in 2016, and 2017. Of course, Blaster loves his mechs and femmes, so he's offering fistbumps and handslaps through his entire entrance. It's past your bedtime, Old Mech, I can see it in your Optics. Especially, since, when that microphone hits the stage, it squeaks loudly creating dangerous amounts of overly loud feedback through every single speaker within a 300 mile radius. Mr T vs Mr Rogers. Over before it even started! Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? He's just got so much flava. I'll.... uh, give it my best shot..." Then Blitzwing launches into action with a steady stream of punchy percussive punctuation. Check your wiki page if you can't fathom how much you suck.". While the highway to, the east and west is still badly damaged by the ravages of war, the Arch and its surroundings are completely undamaged; it seems as if the war has simply passed it, by. You ain't got nuthin', GHETTO Blaster! This is going to be all the lyrics from the songs in Epic Rap Battles of History Season 1 #epicrapbattlesofhistory #erb #season1. Popular Quizzes Today. History Talk (0) Share. The unchrasimatic one, emoting the same amount as always, ZERO, has with him Frenzy and Laserbeak. Following the fifth season, ERB went on an extended hiatus. However Rewind's footage display undoubtably gets the crowd more on his side. 2. You tryin' to draw some aggro? "EY YOU LIL DUDE CAME WIT IT! Season 1 of the EERB's series consisted of 11 battles, released from September 26th, 2010 to November 18th, 2011. Regular price $22 Sale price $20 Sale View. After a moment, when no one else takes the stage, the triple-changer grunts and shoves the patrons in front of him down to the ground, and continues to push everyone in the same fashion until he thunders onto the stage. Can you match the quotes from ERB Season 1 with the rapper who said them? "Booo! A few glowing rings of different colors rattle on her four ankles, and there's even a couple on her tail. Soundwave has encrypted this channel. An /archiVIST/? Zippline shouts. There have been hushed whispers and unverified rumors of an increase in Decepticon activity in the area - notably about the Arch itself. !>> He points at the screen. Epic Rap Battles of History 1: John Lennon V Bill O'Reilly. Blaster just smiles as he finally turns back to Soundwave. ", Then someone ELSE starts rolling footage. I think it might be. Blaster laughs. Groups (4 → 2) then Single Elimination. Soundwave might not have won this! ", Spindrift retorts back "The only thing dead are the chips in your head.". She grins fangily as she rears up on her hind legs, thrusting forelegs up in the air. Rate. Music starts up. ERB: Season 1 > Ltgiants2000 > Rob's Internet Video Pearltree > Epic Rap Battles. Conquest and Domination. I hope you … "AIGHT AIGHT I LIKE WHAT I'M HEARIN' FO' /REAL/ YO. At Number 10, we have Number 10. I love how Billy and Vince were represented, and all of them had great lines. Slowly. Serve turns to face Soundwave - well, to look up at that imposing mech. That's why Erb is given the group date rose, Reality Steve claims, and awarded time with Adams, despite the fact that he wasn't supposed to be there. Aww yeah. Home page of Epic Rap Battles Of History, a rap group from California. who are we kidding? Frenzy laughs hysterically, and shouts, "Give him one more, Boss!,!_BEGIN! On October 26, Season 5 resumed with "Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton". Nice Peter & Epiclloyd) - Single, Billy Mays Vs Ben Franklin (feat. Eject's right there!" by UnknownRedUser Follow. That's just a recording! He produces his concussion blaster, raising it up to his eye, which sets the crowd into a panic for a moment. ", "BOOO! ", "And just wrooong," Zipline adds, nodding at Spindrift. Again he turns his back, Frenzy holding the mic. Just in a different way. As Blaster comes strutting and striding through the crowd, mechs part to let the lyrical beast through. Erboa, Not erb, Season 1, and 2 more. This time of year, Tyger Pax plays host to Scribble Jam, an annual hip hop rap battle for those looking to exercise their verbal and imaginative might over others - a kind of warfare that in many ways can be much more painful than any traditional type! This Is A Special Announcement..." Comes out of the speakers as Blaster steps further back onto the stage, giving himself some room. Season: OR . Nice Peter & Epiclloyd) - Single. From subspace he produces a shanix, flashing it to both volunteers. THAT'S WUT AHM TALKIN' 'BOUT EY YO LIL MAN DO YO THANG NAH MEAN!" I don't lose. Listen to ERB Season 1 | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. 210 Followers. ERB Season 1 Rappers by Last Lines Quiz Stats - By MichaelDragonPyr play quizzes ad-free Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Nice Peter, Epiclloyd & George Watsky), Dr Seuss Vs William Shakespeare (feat. Rate. YOU KNOW WHY? Which means reports of Decepticon activity are right, but in all honesty, this is more of a field trip. I'm the ensemble dark horse of Cybertron, you reject. plaque has been embedded in the ground directly below the arch. It could be doctored. Mine's /DECKED/ with /DIRECT/ /DISRESPECT/; I /DETECT/ child /NEGLECT/, I know I'm /CORRECT/! Nice Peter & Epiclloyd), Gandalf Vs Dumbledore (feat. Soundwave was saving the best for last!" HISSS!" And he laughs. The 2-hour pilot episode aired on September 19, 1994, and was followed by 24 other episodes, including the season finale that aired on May 18, 1995. Always falling behind, because I'm on the big screen, I'm Animated and Prime, full of Energon, runnin Cybertron. I just thought I'd say that for some reason! This means that if a student takes the exam in September, they’d need to wait until December for the Winter Testing Season (or later) to retake the ISEE. Blitzwing shouts, turning to look over his shoulder at DJ Jazzy Jet (a triple- hanger that turns into a jet and a scratch table that Blitzwing is super-cool with), "You know the beat, Jet!" ERB Season 1 Lyrics Humor. "Go on R-Dude!" Serve takes the mic back from Rewind, handing it off to Blitzwing. That was pretty bad, Blaster! As Blitzwing's second turn comes up, he starts rolling tape as well, interrupting Rewind's feed to something more suitably epic. Gunna make this half-pint say /ADIEU/! Listen free to erb – Epic Rap Battles of History - Season 1. Games Movies TV Video. Honestly he had no real need to, but it was one way he got his jollies out here. "I'm a *sniper*, my aim as deadly as my walk. 02:28 "Those beats weren't phat! Stupid fine tuned calibrations. The first round of Scribble Jam kicks off under the Liberation Arch! "I DO NOT KNOW FOR CERTAIN BUT I KNOW THIS MUCH I FEEL VERY AMERICAN TODAY!" "You shoulda stayed where you're jiving at raves and getting played, because I'm working overtime interdicting, encrypting and rippin holes in your information restricted. Rewind. Nice Peter & Epiclloyd), Darth Vader Vs Adolf Hitler (feat. Rap Battles. Transformers2005 MUSH Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Epic Rap Battles of History - Season 2 We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. Students can take the ISEE as many times as they’d like, with a limit of once per testing season. Blitzwing cycles his ventilation systems heavily, turning methodically to stare down Rewind: "EY yo yo yo! Woo! 6. ", then flips the coin into the air... "There goes the neighborhood," Spindrift mutters under his breath when Decepticons start popping out of the crowd. Rate. 11.0k members in the ERB community. Epic Rap Battles of History #9. I'm going to stick to editing that gay ass ERB funnies show. "Just because he got the vote don't mean you didn't do good." /DETER/ any challenge, check my flow, /INFER/ /SABOTEUR/ skill, it's ill - Hope you record this, so you can play back what /OCCURRED/! 19 Sep. 1994 24 Hours. Zipline holds a paw up to her ear, "All I heard was the sizzle of you getting burned, Soundlame!" Listen to ERB Season 1 | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. 210 Followers. Rewind slumps his shoulders a bit and sighs, then gives Serve and the crowd a final wave before hopping off stage. Share via Email Report Story Send. Nice Peter & Alex Farnham) - Single, Genghis Khan Vs the Easter Bunny (feat. TP: Harmonix is the BOMB! This was like the Spanish-American War! Show it.". Epic Rap Battles of History - Justin Bieber vs. Beethoven (Season 1) by 423455.Erb.Battles. Soundwave simply watches Blaster, as the fool makes a mockery out of himself again The Tape Commander quietly overrides the encryption on the Autobot channel again. ", Soundwave whips around, instantly ready, "You can call me Michael Weston, cuz I'm a spy, and this here's your notice you're bein' burned. Season 1 of Total Drama ERB consisted of 22 episodes. No words were spoken, there didn't need to be any. Sale $12.00 Regular price $20.00 Quantity. ERB Season 1 Lyrics Table of contents. Who: Blaster, Soundwave, Blitzwing, Rewind, Americon, Zipline, Spindrift IC Year: 2035 Location: Tyger Pax TP: Harmonix is the BOMB! Then Blaster is up, and Zipline cheers! I got your whole game plan and you don't even know it. Step to me and catch a /BLISS/-TER, yes /SIR/! "AW MAN THAT WAS ENOUGH FIYAH FO' EIGHT RAP BATTLES FOR REAL, WE IN FO' A TREAT NAH MEAN! Again the crowds look about in confusion but can't identify the source. <

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