LACC Child Care Academy’s Mission Statement

The mission of LACC Child Care Academy is to provide a safe, nurturing, structured and educational environment where children can realize their greatest potential. Through our program, we seek to inspire a love of lifelong learning. At LACC we strive to strengthen the relationship between work life and family life by creating a special place that supports them both.

High Scope Curriculum

It is believed that children and adults learn best through hands-on experiences. This principle is validated by decades of research and is the basis of High Scope’s approach to teaching and learning, which is used throughout LACC.

For further information on High Scope Curriculum see:


Our teachers are warm and supportive to promote positive development.

Play Area

Our facility is equipped with an indoor toddler play area.


L.A.C.C. Teachers are highly trained with the degrees and certifications.


Learning and teaching is through child centered play and education.


Over 30 years experience in the child care and kindergarten world.


Hands on, child lead playing, exploring and creating are essential to our students’ learning.

Meet Our Teachers

L.A.C.C. is staffed by highly trained and skilled teachers dedicated to helping your child reach his or her full potential.